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This powerful yet flexible module makes credit management and customer account administration easier for you and your business. You can track payments by cash, check or one of 5 different credit cards. The due and discount dates for each invoice is computed automatically and can be different for each customer. You can print the minimum payment due on each customer's statement, as well as selectively print service charges, budget totals and dunning messages. Your receivables can be aged into 5 different user-defined brackets. This module also maintains sales tax details for use in the invoicing modules as well as salesperson commission data.

Accounts Receivable can be used stand-alone or can be integrated with Point of Sale, Billing/Order Entry, Job Cost, Time Billing and Quick Sale. Each of these modules pull customer data as well as information about sales departments, salespersons and sales tax from Accounts Receivable, while also updating invoice transactions to receivables. In turn, Accounts Receivable can then update consolidated postings to General Ledger for the receivables side of your business.


  • Processes invoices which can contain taxable freight, non-taxable freight, taxable resale, non-taxable resale, sales tax and discounts
  • Prints statements and tables with user-defined ranges
  • Retains a complete sales history of customer activity and maintains current accounts
  • Records tax charged and collected
  • Provides a quick, on-screen view of a customer's account
  • Keeps separate addresses for billing and shipping locations
  • Utilizes RapidEntry to facilitate entry of customer data
  • Customers can be added 'on-the-fly' from other modules
  • Real-time credit card verification through interface with the IC-Verify software
  • Has option to age accounts with no activity or to age only past due customers
  • Allows for changes in limits and bases of existing tax codes
  • Identifies preferred and slow-paying customers
  • Provides balance forward or open invoice methods of AR tracking
  • Provides for dunning messages on statements
  • Can search for customers by number, name or phone number
  • Tracks customer statistical data, which includes:
    • Total number of invoices
    • Total number of payments
    • Total number of service charges
    • Total invoice amount
    • Average invoice amount
    • Greatest invoice amount
    • Greatest balance amount
    • Average payment days