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The General Ledger module is a stand-alone module that can also be integrated with other Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System modules. The General Ledger module can produce financial statements based on check and journal entries that can be entered directly into this module or can be updated from other modules. Both 12– and 13–period accounting cycles are supported. Historical totals are retained for each period in the preceding year which is then used to produce comparative analyses and other reports.

General Ledger can receive posting data from any or all of the following modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Job Cost and Fixed Assets. The Bank Reconciliation module can gather check and deposit data from General Ledger as part of the bank statement reconciliation process.

The General Ledger module can have an unlimited number of accounts and users can enter an unlimited number of postings. As transactions are entered within General Ledger, several key numbers are displayed and updated: current profit/loss amount; total document amount; and zero proof. Users can also establish recurring journal entries to be posted periodically and can also define automated distributions to department and sub-accounts.

Entries can be posted to the Chart of Accounts whenever you need to and you can post multiple times within a period. As entries are posted, you may manually enter a net profit amount or have the system calculate and post it automatically. Prior period entries are credited to the proper historical periods automatically and flow through to the present to keep your financial statements current.


  • Prepares profit/loss statements for up to 1200 separate departments
  • Can produce a complete statement of cash flows
  • Allows for 12– or 13– period accounting cycles
  • Automates end of period and end of year closing procedures
  • Prints detailed reports of all entries
  • Standard reports allow you to compare profit and loss data for up to 5 periods from the previous year
  • Within other modules, chart of accounts numbers are automatically validated
  • Compares budgeted and actual balances
  • Features GST tracking and tax return worksheet data for Canadian users
  • Uses RapidEntry feature to save input time
  • Financial statements can be converted to a foreign currency
  • Allows you to print separate balance sheet and profit and loss statements
  • Performs distributions to department and sub-accounts
  • Automatic entry reversal feature
  • Prints checks
  • Automatically creates department and sub-accounts to simplify setup
  • Tracks employees and prints W-2s/1099s for after-the-fact payroll
  • Allows for building new GL companies based on an existing one
  • Allows for consolidation of GL companies to produce consolidated financial
  • statements