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The Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System Purchase Orders module goes to extraordinary lengths to keep your purchasing headaches gone for good. Never again will you have to wonder where your materials are, how much you will need and who gave you the best price on a certain item the last time you ordered it. This module is designed to prepare orders to send to vendors for both stock and non–stock items.

With the Purchase Orders module, you can review your level of activity with each vendor, giving you leverage in negotiating better pricing. Purchase orders can be generated automatically or manually and can be changed or deleted at any time. You can order and receive stock for several locations and the program will even help you plan for future scheduled deliveries. Product can be received into stock and made available for sale with or without an invoice from your vendor.

While the Purchase Orders module can be used stand-alone, it really shines when interfaced with Inventory, Accounts Payable, Job Cost and Order Entry, giving you complete control over the purchasing of your stock.


  • Automatically creates orders for items below minimum quantity
  • Prints a forecast of items to be received
  • Posts orders and receipts to inventory in real time
  • Orders and receives items for multiple warehouses
  • Prints a complete audit of items ordered and received
  • Helps you plan for future deliveries
  • Tracks item and purchase order status by item, department and vendor
  • Allows processing of both inventory and non-inventory items
  • Can print the vendor's SKU on the purchase order
  • Utilizes RapidEntry to facilitate entry of item data
  • Bar code scanners can be used to receive items