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The Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System Point of Sale module brings a now level of automation to the retail sales process. It acts as a counter sales system and is dependent on the receivables module to function. Point of Sale can also interact with the Inventory Control and Customer Information modules to give you the power you need to operate your retail business more efficiently.

This module prepares taxable and non-taxable invoices for both cash and AR customers. Cash customer information can be transferred to the Customer Information module to allow you to gather data for future marketing campaigns. As invoices are entered, the system automatically knows what, if any, taxes to calculate and what, if any, discounts to automatically apply.

You have the ability to generate estimates or put an invoice on hold to be retrieved later for final processing. Picking tickets and receipts may be printed in either a 40 or 80 column format. The Point of Sale module also has an option to allow you to view item detail such as discounts, references, warehouse quantities and serial data. Preset items can be established and used to represent non-inventory items such as delivery or set up fees or presets can be a shorthand way of retrieving inventory items. Kits may be built on the fly for items that are priced as a package deal and you can control what detail prints for a given kit.

The module can interface with electronic cash drawers, display bars, bar code scanners and can process credit cards in real time through an interface with the ICVerify credit card processing software.


  • Layaway transactions can be processed from any Point of Sale terminal
  • Serial numbers can be entered when invoicing
  • Real time updates to Inventory and Accounts Receivable
  • Supports bar code scanners, electronic cash drawers and display bars
  • Password protection and detailed audits provide security
  • Easily handles unlimited numbers of split payment types (cash, check, credit card, coupons and charges to account)
  • Allows for items to be sold from multiple warehouses
  • Permits preset items to process non-inventory sales such as food and services
  • Look-up windows help speed order processing
  • Real time credit card and check guarantee processing through interface with the ICVerify software


  • Invoice Identifier Size = 8 characters
  • Maximum Line Items Per Invoice = Unlimited
  • Maximum Number of Preset Items = Unlimited
  • Preset Item Identifier = 6 characters
  • Maximum Number of Salespersons = 32,767
  • Maximum Number of Cash Drawers = 32,767
  • Maximum Number of Simultaneous Active Terminals = 100