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The Quick Sale module of the Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System allows your computer to function as an electronic cash register in a high-volume retail environment. Invoices are processed extremely fast and your back office is not locked out of crucial data thanks to the batch processing design of this module. This batch processing also makes Quick Sale the ideal module for invoicing at remote locations that then update your central office at day's end.

To keep overall processing time to a minimum, you can specify which fields the cursor should stop at and which fields to skip for each cashier. Just like a grocery store cash register, items are printed on the receipt as they are entered on the invoice. The drawer reconciliation within Quick Sale is a powerful tool to control employee theft.

Quick Sale can work with bar code scanners, alphanumeric display bars, electronic cash drawers and the ICVerify credit card and check guarantee software.

The Office module of Quick Sale is used in conjunction with the Store module. This module is loaded on the central location's computer and handles the processing of files between the home office and the remote locations. The Office module creates an export file of customer and item data from the Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules. This export file can be general for all stores or can be specific so that each store only has a subset of your customers and/or items. After the remote locations generate and send the transactional update file to the home office, this module then processes those sales into the central A/R and Inventory.


  • Option to generate store-specific export files
  • Option to only export items in the Inventory audit trail
  • Ability to process multiple days transactions at once
  • Handles up to 1 00 terminals simultaneously at each location
  • Simplifies check-out sales with optional instructional prompts
  • Processes multiple payment types: cash, checks, credit cards, coupons, gift certificates and charges to account
  • Consolidates transactional operations from remote locations to a central office
  • Security controls to limit the processing of returns, discounts, voids, NSF checks and paid-outs
  • Drawers can have automatic drop amounts to limit the cash in a register
  • Option to regenerate export file, provided the transactions have not been cleared
  • Optional Manager key can limit access to:
  • Returned goods
  • Discounts
  • Price changes
  • Credit memos
  • Quantity changes
  • Non-inventory sales
  • Voiding a transaction
  • Checks in excess of the sale amount (up to a predefined limit)