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No job is too tough for the Job Cost module of Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System. From construction to light manufacturing, if you need to track costs, you can rely on Job Cost to meet your needs.

Complex job estimates can be prepared quickly and easily and, when approved, quickly turned into active work orders. All costs-employee, material, overhead for labor and material and other-can be tracked in detail for all phases of a job. A wide variety of management reports give you the detail you need to control many jobs at once. Labor costs can be updated from Payroll; purchase orders for required material can be generated by Job Cost; and material can be pulled from Inventory or from the job site stock. Several reports allow you to see at a glance how the actual data posted to a job compares to your estimated requirements.


  • Creates estimates that can be turned into work orders
  • Tracks labor costs, overhead and material costs
  • Employee activity sheet compares estimated to actual time
  • Subtotals work orders by job number automatically
  • Updates costs and charges to General Ledger
  • Overhead for labor and material can be calculated automatically or posted manually
  • Both inventory and non-inventory items can be used
  • Prepares variance reports to compare estimate and actual data
  • Prints reports by job, work order, function, material or employee
  • Creates purchase orders for needed materials
  • Calculates and tracks retainage automatically
  • Computes total cost, percent to bill and bill amount for an invoice
  • Work orders can be billed based on estimated, actual or a cost plus percentage basis
  • View programs allow you to quickly review vital data