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The Roundtable Software Advantage Accounting System Time Billing module is designed to meet the unique needs of those businesses and professionals that require the billing of time-accounting for every minute of every day. From law offices to plumbing contractors, the Time Billing module can handle your application.

By tracking all resources used to complete procedures and all procedures required for a project, Time Billing provides you with accurate cost and profit figures for each phase of your work. This data also provides you with a picture of which resources (employees or items) and which clients are the most or least profitable.

To make this module easy to use in a wide variety of businesses, the user can define the labels for the three tracking units: resources, procedures and projects. Therefore, rather than posting resources, the user can post time/material; rather than working on a project, the user is working on a case.

The module handles various billing methods including cost plus percent, percent of recovery, flat rate and capped billing, as well as actual. It also allows for escrow, retainage and deposits. Invoices can be consolidated by client or by project.


  • Tracks unlimited number of clients and projects
  • Handles escrow, retainage and prepayments
  • Prepares estimates that can be transferred to active projects
  • Prints detailed or summarized invoices with unlimited message detail
  • Can automatically charge a different amount for an employee when different procedures are performed
  • Compares actual costs to estimates, including amount and percent
  • Provides instant access to all current client and project balances
  • Offers unique labels for industry-specific terminology
  • Consolidates invoices by client or project


  • Maximum Number of Open Projects = Unlimited
  • Project Identifier Size = 4 available, 8 / 6 / 30 / 16 characters