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The Customer Information module is a simplified database designed to keep track of several different types of data from other modules. Data such as mailing addresses and phone numbers can be captured in Point of Sale from your walk in customers and updated to the Customer Information module to allow you to do sophisticated marketing. This can be combined with customer data from Accounts Receivable to allow you to target the widest possible range of your customer base. From Inventory, sales data for serialized items such as date sold, price paid and who bought it can be updated to Customer Information to help you track and maintain product warranty information. This module can also be used in a variety of other ways such as tracking your company's promotional events or keeping tabs on important distributor data.


  • Analyzes customer activity by purchase or territory
  • Develops and maintains files for non-AR customers
  • Identifies and tracks prospective customers
  • Follows warranty claims and service information
  • Manipulates stored information for mailings
  • Tracks distributor information, publicity events and promotional schedules