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This powerful module allows you to summarize the data generated in other modules through one simple procedure. Summit gives top management a timely snapshot of important information essential for the day-to-day operation of your business. The totals of various accounting functions can be captured and retained to give you an instant look at specific areas of your business as well as tracking historical patterns. These totals can be compiled from the General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Point of Sale, Billing, Order Entry, Job Cost and Time Billing modules. You can choose to report on these activities simultaneously or individually.

There are a total of 63 pre-defined data elements available from which to build your reports. You can view selected account balances, profit percentage, value of inventory and total labor/materials posted. You can create separate reports to reflect purchasing activity, retail activity, aging and forecasting of Accounts Receivable or Accounts Payable balances plus a host of other possibilities.


  • Combines up to 63 pre-defined data elements on a single report
  • Gathers summary data from 10 of the other Advantage modules: GL, AP, AR, IN, PO, PS, BL, DE, TB and JC
  • Presents selected data in bar graph format
  • Instantly displays processed reports on-screen
  • Lines up procedures to process at specific times
  • Provides specific summarized reports on request for time reduction